Wednesday, January 31, 2007


At the insistence of my friend Karl (aka "Liquid Faith"), with whom I've been working (albeit slowly) on an electronic music collaboration for some time now, I'm finally getting back to work on some ARP compositions. Today was the first in months. Here it is:

Garnet (mp3, 5.6MB)

Karl told me I had to make one that was at least 10 minutes. I tried, but all I got was 5 and a half. Hey, it's better than my usual (45 seconds). I didn't focus on any particular patch this time - just messed around until I got what I wanted. This is just 3 tracks - one on a tonic, one on the dominant 7, and one playing an ostinato. I slowly and carefully nudged the tuning and resonance around to get the interesting textures.

And the name is for my friend Carrie, who may or may not be having a baby today.


Blogger Nino said...

The ARP never lets me down. Very nice Ian. Very nice indeed.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

lol. over a year later, i'm seeing this for the first time. how sweet of you! too bad i didn't get that garnet birthstone after all. but i got one hell of a baby :-)

7:36 PM  

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