Sunday, January 22, 2006

Read On

So, the movie "Read On", which used music from my Arp Log project, premiered in Houston on Friday night. Since I was playing in Beaumont that night, I wasn't able to be there for the movie, but several folks told me the soundtrack rocked. That's cool to hear.

Here are the remaining 8 tracks I provided for scenes in the movie.

01: Marimba Roll, Song 7 (mp3, 1.5MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 8 (mp3, 1.2MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 9 (mp3, 1.9MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 10 (mp3, 2.3MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 11 (mp3, 2.1MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 12 (mp3, 2MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 13 (mp3, 1.2MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 14 (mp3, 1.3MB)

I think I've finally said all I'm going to say with the Marimba Roll patch, so next up is patch #2 ... the "Trumpet & French Horn" patch. (By the way, I noticed my google ads on the blog showing lots of ads for French Horns ... heh. Stupid google. Hey google! This is a blog about electronic music!)

If you have any particular favorites from this patch, leave them in the comments. I'll include the most liked ones in my final album (which I'm now thinking will be a culmination of all 100 patches in a single album). My favorite so far is #3, by a wide margin. #12 also has a nice desolate vibe to it. Anybody else?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Patch 1: Revisited

So, I've already finished most of track two (Trumpet & French Horn), and I was about to post it, but two things happened.

1st: I realized that the volume of track one as originally released was too low (thanks for the heads up, Bill). So here it is amplified:

01: Marimba Roll (mp3, 3MB)

2nd: I decided that I had a few more things I wanted to say in the Marimba Roll patch, so I created a few more. Furthermore, a Houston filmmaker (Jeff Faulkinbury) was interested to use some music like this in his upcoming film "Read On". So I went back in and did a bit more recording. Here are the first set of results:

01: Marimba Roll, Song 2 (mp3, 5MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 3 (mp3, 2.6MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 4 (mp3, 3.2MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 5 (mp3, 3.3MB)
01: Marimba Roll, Song 6 (mp3, 3MB)

I guess I should name them, but I haven't had time yet.

I'll be doing a bunch more over the next two weeks, so stay tuned for new goodies.