Sunday, February 19, 2006

Names & Notes

At a few folks' suggestion, I've decided to name to the tracks I've composed thus far. So:

  1. Giant In The Abyss - Inspired by giant deep sea fish, like the Oarfish.
  2. Federation Aeronautique - This piece strikes me as if it has to do with flying - perhaps being the first to fly, or being able to fly without a plane. Thus the name.
  3. Schemhamphoras - One commenter said this track reminded him of the movie Pi, and I'd agree - I think the dark mystery of that movie reflects what this song brings up, something unutterable.
  4. akkt - Because I like that word.
  5. My One - A reference to a jazz standard that I quoted in the melody line. It's the only common song on two of my favorite jazz piano albums (1, 2).
  6. Sonus Diei - Titled after the podcast that inspired its creation.
  7. Daniel's Lament - Named after a character in the scene in the movie that I composed it for.
  8. Snowflake Set - Hat tip to one of my favorite electronic musicians, which is, of course, a pervasive influence on this project. Thought this tune was reminiscent of his sound.
  9. Simultaneity - Lots of stuff at once.
  10. Marufo Vega Loop - Named after a trail in Big Bend, the desert state park in TX.
  11. Bloom, Wither - Reminiscent of the mood of this music, I thought. And it has a hidden reference to a plainsong I like.
  12. Altostratus - In other words, grey skies.
  13. Anterograde Amnesia - An effect of some drugs that make you lose you memory of things that happen while on the drug. That's common in date rape drugs. This piece was composed for a scene in a movie involving an unhappy prostitute.
  14. Retrograde Amnesia - The opposite of Anterograde Amnesia, this is when you forget things in the past. This piece reminds me of knowing that you have happy memories, but not being able to remember them.

I'll name all my future ones as I go, so as to avoid confusion.